Author Chris Riddell visits the Junior...

Author Chris Riddell visits the Junior School

27 September 2013
Children’s Author delights Streatham Pupils with Goth Girl

Author and illustrator Chris Riddell visited the Junior School and delighted the pupils with readings and drawings from his latest book Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse.  The author captured the girls’ attention immediately with a quick drawing of Goth Girl’s pal Ishmael (the Ghost of a Mouse) and then enthralled them with his story of how he became an author and how he develops story lines and characters, all accompanied by his very own distinctive illustrations.  The pupils were fascinated to hear that Ada, the heroine of Goth Girl, and her father Lord Goth are based on ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’ literary figure Lord Byron and his daughter.  The dark and comic tale is set in Ghastly-Gorm Hall, a huge old house where there is a west wing, east wing and ‘broken wing’- the most dilapidated part of the house. The softly spoken author then treated the girls to a reading from Goth Girl, when Ada encounters a strange visitor at the dead of night in the ‘broken wing’ ice house.  The girls could hardly wait to get their copies of Goth Girl signed by the author so they could start reading!