Aims and Ethos

Aims and Ethos

Streatham & Clapham High School has a vision of excellence which:


  • Empowers pupils to pursue ideals and knowledge unafraid;
  • Inspires achievement beyond the bound of expectation;
  • Celebrates a caring culture of warm relationships and diversity.

In line with this vision, the School has four specific aims:


  1. To provide a liberal and challenging academic education that stimulates pupils’ intellectual curiosity;
  2. To promote high standards of achievement across a wide spectrum of activity, extending beyond the conventional ‘academic’ horizon, enabling each pupil to discover and develop individual talents and interests;
  3. To nurture the personal development of the individual, within a caring, diverse and warmly supportive ‘family’ environment, developing pupils’ confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills;
  4. To enable pupils to develop the civilised values, attitudes and standards — a philosophy of living — that will guide them in their present and future lives as global citizens in a rapidly changing world.