Why Choose SCHS?

Why Choose SCHS?

Our success: in the top 20% of independent schools nationally

The pursuit of excellence across all fields of endeavour is our defining feature. Last year our pupils achieved their best-ever examination results, placing the school in the top 20% of independent schools nationally. Read our recent inspection report, and you will see the words ‘excellent’, ‘outstanding’, ‘good’ scattered liberally across its pages. All this reflects...

Our focus on achieving beyond expectation

We believe in inspiring all members of the school community to outperform expectations on a daily basis. Our pupils are nurtured to attain success across the widest spectrum of activity, extending far beyond the conventional ‘academic’ horizon. In so doing, they learn the beauty of reason, the allure of the aesthetic, and the vitality of the physical. Our girls—whether they lean to the sports or excel in the sciences, whether they are budding musicians or keen linguists—achieve beyond the realms of expectation, in the process becoming independent learners, confident in taking intellectual risks.

Our exceptional pastoral care within a ‘family’ school

We do not view outstanding pastoral care as an ‘add-on’ to our academic programme. Neither do we believe that a ‘hothouse’ atmosphere is desirable or healthy. Girls achieve best if they are happy and settled in their social relationships. Hence the ‘family’ ethos of our school. The way in which we nurture and value individuals is intrinsic to our girls’ success. This level of care and personal attention stimulates each of our pupils to make rapid progress. All members of staff, up to the Head Master, are easily accessible to pupils, providing for an environment in which pupils feel warmly supported and valued.

Our buzzy, diverse community culture

We celebrate diversity and draw strength from the school’s rich social and cultural mix. The warm, vibrant, harmonious atmosphere at the school reflects the exciting diversity of the school population. In this uniquely dynamic environment, our pupils develop the values and attitudes that can make an enduring impact on the world around them, leaving the school attached to ideals and appreciating the joys of all that life has to offer.


Our outstanding preparation for the next stage

Our girls mature into confident, accomplished and well-adjusted young women, prepared for the challenges of university education and their future careers. No other London school, for instance, offers our Head Master’s unique experience of university admissions, which, as a former university tutor, enables him to offer unrivalled expertise on attaining success in terms of admission to the most competitive universities.

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