Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships and Bursaries

11+ Academic Scholarships

A number of Academic Scholarships, worth up to a maximum of 50% of fees, are available.  They are not means-tested.  Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of performance in the entrance examination, information available from other assessments (such as the interview), and references that we receive from the present school.

16+ Sixth-Form Academic Scholarships

A number of academic scholarships are available on the basis of a written assessment and interview.

11+ Specialist Scholarships

A number of specialist scholarships, worth up to 25% of fees, are awarded to talented students based on the following criteria:


In order that we can view work on merit, and ensure that students applying for the scholarship have the necessary aptitude in art, we ask that sketch books, showing development of ideas and experimentation, are presented in the following way:

  • sketch books should be no bigger than A3 size (portfolios, three-dimensional work and canvas art work will not be accepted)
  • sketch books need to show experience in at least pencil, paint, collage, sculpture and pastel (oil or soft)
  • photography, including three-dimensional work, may be included
  • please do not include certificates or photographs of applicants at work

  Art Scholarship 2019


  • A suitable reference from an external drama society is required.
  • The applicant must present evidence of participation in no fewer than three musicals or plays.
  • Candidates will be invited to an audition, which will be followed by an informal discussion.

 Drama Scholarship Application 2019

 Drama Scholarship Extract for 2019


  • Applicants should be of Grade 4 standard or higher in one instrument or voice.
  • A second instrument (or voice) is desirable but not essential.
  • Candidates will be invited to an audition, which will be followed by an informal discussion.

 Music Scholarship Application 2019


Applications will be considered from girls participating in the following core sports: netball, hockey, rowing, gymnastics, athletics. Other sports will be considered, but a pupil must be at County level or above.

  • Candidates must submit a reference from a sports club supporting the application or a reference from their school’s sports department confirming that the applicant is performing at a County or National competition level within school teams.
  • Candidates will be invited to a sports assessment, which will be followed by an informal discussion.

 Sport Scholarship Application 2019

The standard application form includes a section in which interest in any specialist scholarship may be expressed.

 Senior Application Form (pdf, 120KB) 

All specialist scholarships are subject to a renewal process in the Lent Term of Year 9 (Upper 4) and again in Year 11 (Upper 5). Renewal will be subject to the scholar’s appropriate contribution to the discipline of her specialist scholarship. 


A small number of means-tested bursaries, worth up to 100% of fees, are available only at 11+ entry. Please indicate on the application form that you wish to be considered for a bursary. Log-in details will be emailed to you so that the bursary application can then be completed online. Candidates have to score highly in the entrance examination to be considered for a bursary award.

 GDST Bursary Information

EARLY YEARS OPEN MORNING Wednesday 18th April 9 am - 10.45 am PREP OPEN MORNING Friday 16th March 9 am - 10.45 am SENIOR OPEN MORNING Friday 9th March 9.15 am - 10.45 am