‘Kinza’ is an Arabic term meaning ‘hidden treasure’. The school’s overriding objective is to offer a broadly intellectual, diverse and wellrounded education: with this is mind, a unique programme of weekly sessions throughout the year is scheduled, in which each girl has the opportunity to explore various types of subject enrichment freely, with no examination pressure at the end, enjoying learning and the process of learning.

Every Kinza activity is designed to encourage a love and respect for learning for its own sake, tapping into the interests and expertise of staff. The activities provide a wide spectrum of choice for each SCHS pupil, covering an extremely broad range of activities, including basic Mandarin, anthropology, magic, Ancient Greek, hand-sewing projects, tag rugby, urban wildlife, music and politics, podcast production,  meditation techniques, and much more. Opportunities to deepen aspects of the broad knowledge acquired through Kinza are afforded through co-curricular trips, individual research, and collaborative working processes in a vertical tutoring system, with younger girls learning side-by-side with older girls. Each participates in several different activities that she has selected during the course of the year. The Kinza programme is a salient feature of an SCHS education. 

The Kinza Enrichment Programme 2017 options booklet.

EARLY YEARS OPEN MORNING Wednesday 18th April 9 am - 10.45 am PREP OPEN MORNING Friday 16th March 9 am - 10.45 am SENIOR OPEN MORNING Friday 9th March 9.15 am - 10.45 am