Strategic Vision

Strategic Vision

A framework for development

The concept of change lies at the heart of education. The quiddity of educational endeavour is, after all, to inculcate change in terms of pupils’ outlook, interests, knowledge, aspiration and behaviour as human beings and to equip them to respond positively to the demands of a world in flux.  But change is intrinsic to school life in other ways, too.  The pupil roll, for instance, is dynamic in its nature.  The natural turnover of staff, too, is a propeller of change.  Equally, staff can deliver their best efforts only by constantly reviewing their practice, developing their expertise, nurturing new skills and augmenting their subject knowledge.  Above all, no institution can flourish and achieve success if it does not respond positively, creatively and imaginatively to the tides of change in the world in which it operates: for example, the changing fortunes of the economic environment; changes in terms of social and demographic trends; the development of technology and its uses; the evolving values and attitudes of society at large; shifting governmental agendas, for instance in the field of higher education; changes in the regulatory and legal spheres; and (of course) change in terms of the specific marketplace in which the school operates.

The school has a strategic plan, which provides a framework for its development for the next three to four years in the context of a changing environment. In doing so, it sets out key planning assumptions, identifies the aims and objectives of the school, establishes the strategic priorities for the school’s development, and plots an agenda for the attainment of these priorities, organised under various headings, the key strategic intents.

At the core of this strategic plan lies the question: ‘How best can the school develop, strengthen and amplify its distinctive ethos?’ The school’s ethos in the past has focussed on its nurturing approach to pupils’ education.  With my appointment in January 2012, a decision was made to redirect this focus onto pupil achievement across the width of activity, without jettisoning the school’s attachment to expert pastoral care, which, after all, is intrinsic to pupils’ attainment of success. This is reflected in the revised aims of the school. A decision was also made to increase the distinctiveness of the school’s mission. The school must not only constantly strive to perform at a higher level across the range of its operations; it must also set clear water between itself and its competitors. In so doing, the school must never lose sight of its core values and the need for this distinctiveness to be driven by a belief in the school’s educational mission. The combination of pupil achievement in the context of expert pastoral care and a distinctive educational proposition will lend the school a position of strength in a highly competitive marketplace.

Millan Sachania

Head Master

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